The Top 4 Benefits Of Using QR Menus At Your Beach

The Top 4 Benefits Of Using QR Menus At Your Beach

Summer ’21 is almost here. After such a challenging year, we can’t wait to visit our favorite beaches to relax and have some fun. However, the coronavirus is still out there, and it is essential to maintain social distancing and take other precautions to make sure both staff and customers are safe and healthy.

As a result, beach operators are looking for solutions that can keep their staff and customers safe while optimizing their operations.

AI-driven digital menus offer a smart solution that enhances the guest experience and operational efficiency with its contactless mobile menus.

Operators can simply create their menu online and get their unique barcodes. They can wish to print QR codes on coasters, stickers, or display units. If you want to go above and beyond, you can also hang the QR code on the umbrella and catch your guests’ attention easily.

Guests can simply scan this barcode, view the menu, order, and pay for their dishes safely from their own device.

The Top 4 Benefits Of Using QR Menus At Your Beach

Digitalization of the menus brings not only more sales and profits but also increases customer satisfaction.

Here are the top 4 benefits of using digital menus at your beach!

Digital menus allow beaches to offer the best guest experience

One of the most annoying things for customers is not finding staff to take their orders. This could lead to customer frustration and result in fever orders.

QR Menu allows guests to order whatever they like while relaxing by the beach without worrying about finding staff who will receive their orders. Guests can simply browse the menu in their preferred language, select their dishes, add notes if they wish, and complete the ordering process fast and quickly.

As a result, your beach will offer the best guest experience while receiving more orders.

Just by switching to digital menus, beaches can increase their revenues up to 20%

A lot of times, guests order more when they are satisfied with the customer service. However, with a lack of staff and during busy hours, maintaining customer satisfaction could be challenging.

QR menus allow guests to order & pay anytime, anywhere. This efficient and quick solution enables beach operators to receive up to 20% more orders and increase their revenues accordingly. Get more orders, let your guests enjoy their time without worrying about finding staff, and increase your sales at your beach.

The Top 4 Benefits Of Using QR Menus At Your Beach

Avoid customers piling up in front of the bar to order their favorite beverages

Happy hours are one of the busiest times at beaches. Customers can be pilling in front of the bar to order their drinks. This could lead to two potential problems; maintaining social distancing at the bar and not receiving orders on time.

It is possible to integrate digital menus with POS and printers. So, guests can order their drinks while they are enjoying their time at the happy hour.

Get more orders and offer faster service at your beach

Did you know that 46% of the consumers want to make the overall restaurant experience faster? Satisfied customers always bring more profits. Digital menus, allow operators to streamline their operations by digitizing the ordering process. Improve operational efficiency at your beach, get more orders, and let your staff focus on making your guests happy by providing quick service.

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