Top 6 Reasons Why QR Code Menus Are Here to Stay!

Top 6 Reasons Why QR Code Menus Are Here to Stay! - FineDine QR Menu

QR codes are everywhere. Many businesses embraced this recent technology, from finance to hospitality. Certainly, QR Code technologies are here to stay.

Top 6 Reasons Why QR Code Menus Are Here to Stay! - FineDine QR Menu

Covid-19 accelerated digitization in the most remarkable way across each industry. 2 years ago, QR Codes were not a big part of our lives. Right now, consumers want contactless technologies where they can get the services from their mobile phones.

Even if many industries included QR code technologies in their business, hospitality is one of the fastest industries that adopted QR codes. This was because of the precautions and safety requirements. However, even if the impact of the virus is slowing down, QR Code technologies will continue to dominate the industry in the upcoming months. So, here are the top 6 reasons why QR Codes are here to stay.

QR Code Menus are contactless and safe to use

The influence of the pandemic has recently slowed down. However, the majority of the customers want to view their menu from their smartphones instead of paper menus to avoid potential infection and ensure safety.

Guests simply scan the QR Code and browse the menu. Additionally, they can make their order and payment from the same menu. Thus, Contactless QR Code Menus are efficient, easy to use, and ensure safety at all times.

Top 6 Reasons Why QR Code Menus Are Here to Stay! - FineDine QR Menu

QR Code Menus collect valuable data that boost revenues for restaurants

QR Code Menus collect data insights to uncover business insights such as sales & revenue data, item views & performance, and visitors analytics. With QR Codes Menus, collecting a database of customers’ purchase histories and contact information is possible. This data can be used for retargeting and marketing purposes.

In addition, some QR Code Menus integrate artificial intelligence to forecast sales, revenue, demand, and supply. These data allow restaurants to make better decisions and streamline their operations while increasing revenues and profits.

Top 6 Reasons Why QR Code Menus Are Here to Stay! - FineDine QR Menu

QR Codes Menus enhance the dining experience of customers

Especially during peak times, ordering food can be a hassle for the customer. Pre covid, customers were not familiar with digital menus. Thus, customers did not know ordering food from the mobile menu as possible.

But the spread of the QR Codes demonstrated that ordering from the mobile menu is easy, fast, and convenient and it enhances their dining experience.

QR Code Menus are great for digital marketing

One of the best ways to target customers is through digital marketing. Restaurants can customize their QR Code Menus with their branding, offer deals and specials to boost sales, promote their special meals or events, and create a digital ad space to generate additional revenues from 3rd parties.

Since QR Codes Menus collect data on consumer spending patterns, restaurants can leverage this data for e-mailing and social media strategies. As a result, QR Codes Menus are best for restaurants looking to incorporate digital marketing in their business.

QR Code Menus are cost-friendly and increase profitability for restaurants

The hidden cost of using a paper menu could be up to 5,000$ a year for large enterprises due to agency and printing costs. Added to the high labor cost, restaurants face a risk of financial burden.

Luckily, digital menus’ order and payment features reduce the need for servers to take orders and payments. Overall, just by switching to digital menus, restaurants can save up to 30% on labor costs and eliminate menu design and print costs.

Digital menus increase revenues for restaurants with upselling and cross-selling features

Digital menus can quickly impact the purchasing decision of customers with recommended items, daily specials, and discounts. Traditional menus depend on staff for upselling and cross-selling. So, if staff can’t encourage customers to purchase more there is a loss in revenue.

Digital menus encourage people to spend more through offers, recommended items, and promoting more expensive dishes. Moreover, upselling and cross-selling can be automated with artificial intelligence. As a result, restaurants can increase their revenues easily without having to deal with anything.

These features are some of the most prominent benefits of QR Menus. At FineDine we are committed to shaping the future of dining through our digital solutions. To learn more about how FineDine’s Dine-In QR Code can leverage your business, please click here to learn more about our products and reach us at