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  • The Impact of Tableside Ordering for Restaurants

    tableside ordering

    In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect fast and efficient service when dining out. Restaurants constantly seek new and innovative ways to offer their customers a smooth and enjoyable dining experience. Tableside ordering for restaurants is one such innovative solution that has recently gained popularity in the restaurant industry. Tableside ordering is a system where customers […]

  • What is Fast Checkout and How to Enable It in Your Restaurant?

    Since they essentially function as the payment methods of the modern world, QR codes are currently all the rage in the hospitality sector when it comes to fast checkout. Customers still sit down to eat at restaurants, though, obfuscating the distinction between online and offline. The dining industry has changed, and life has changed in […]

  • How to Offer More Payment Options in Your Restaurant

    The way that restaurants compensate their employees has changed recently. Every year, new forms of payment for dining establishments appear. Clients frequently request more and more selections from their preferred restaurants. As a result, having a variety of restaurant payment options is vital, but so is being able to process payments wherever in your restaurant. […]

  • How do QR code-based payments work?

    Everyone has been interested in QR code-based payments for a while. The adoption of the aforementioned approaches has progressed far more slowly in Europe than it has in Asian nations, particularly China. However, things are changing throughout the world, and more people are choosing QR payments over other payment options. Today, everyone is accustomed to […]

  • What is QR Payment and Why is It Essential for Your Restaurant?

    With so many new tech advancements pushed straight into our lives, you may be feeling intimidated as a restaurant and/or business owner. The truth is that life and information flow in a way much faster than we can comprehend, and sometimes, we need to keep up with it to stay in the game. It may […]

  • What is Contactless Payment and Why Does It Matter for Restaurants?

    Since Q1 of 2020, our social interactions have evolved towards systems and solutions that reduce repeated human contact on shared surfaces, tools, and areas… This is best observed in public or shared spaces and businesses such as restaurants. Limiting by nature compared to our previous everyday habits, reduced physical contact efforts are seen in the […]