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  • How to Digitize Your Restaurant Without Letting Go of Board Menus

    For good reason, digital menu boards are dominating the restaurant industry. Businesses are aiming to reach out to their consumer base with digital tools and offer better service in the digital age. However, there are still a lot of eateries that prefer to use a printed menu. These eateries seek to transition to digital menus […]

  • Will Digital Menus Replace Transitional Menu Cards?


    Menus have been a staple of restaurants for many years. They’re a great way to communicate what the restaurant offers. They’re also an easy and visual way to attract your customers. Knowing what the dishes on a menu look like helps guests make a decision about what to order.  However, menus have certain shortcomings that […]

  • Double Your Takeouts With Online Food Ordering Menu System

    Given how fast the world is evolving in terms of technology and adhering to the proverbial truth of “change is constant” – the online food ordering has been around in the restaurant business for some time now. It may surprise you to learn that, the first online food request was put in 1994! Wonder where the […]

  • How do We Develop a Restaurant Management System?

    Managing a restaurant has become smarter after restaurant management systems were born. When there are systems in place, everything is easier for all. Containing a large number of components, the restaurant industry is extremely prone to human error and motivation and thus, restaurant management systems exist to streamline a complex set of tasks. What is […]

  • What will your day be like as a Restaurant Manager?

    There’s no hiding that managing a restaurant, small or big, is a job that entails endless tasks. A restaurant manager has to deal with everything from staff scheduling and customer service to food quality, menu, supplier management, profitability, and more. We will dive into more detail followed by suggestions about some smart tools used by […]

  • How can you be a good manager of a restaurant?

    Even though there is no specific path to becoming a restaurant manager, there are traits that make a manager stand out. A great restaurant manager has to have excellent communication skills, the ability to multitask, and the ability to work under pressure while keeping it together. It is also the person who oversees the financial […]

  • How Can Restaurants Use Dynamic Pricing?

    Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that changes prices according to demand. It is an effective way for restaurants to maximize revenue. Dynamic pricing is a strategy that has been used by restaurants for years, but it has only recently started to become more popular in the digital world. Dynamic pricing allows establishments to adjust […]

  • What is Tableside Payment, and How It Boosts Revenues

    Tableside ordering and payment options are among the preferred options. Owners place a high focus on developing solutions to shorten meal periods in a busy setting like a restaurant. Tableside ordering system is one of the advancements in restaurant technology that is transforming the dining experience. Restaurant owners and staff benefit greatly from tableside ordering […]

  • Customer-Centric Restaurant Approach with Digital Payments

    The way we live our lives and comprehend the world is changing at a rapid pace. No matter what industry your line of work falls into, the digital tech revolution is screaming at us giving enough hints that it is here to stay. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the restaurant industry, […]

  • Running a Restaurant? See How You Can Level Up Your Marketing Game with These Restaurant Marketing Tips

    Marketing even the best, the most wonderful product can be challenging, as it has its own set of rules. The same is true for restaurants, including well-known Michelin star Chef owned venues. In order to create a marketing roadmap, you need to fully own and be proud of your product, staff, and concept. Therefore, you […]