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  • Restaurant Tip Management Made Easy—Here’s How

    Tip Management system is essential for the American culture of hospitality. In the United States, the waitstaff is motivated to offer exceptional customer service and would expect a good tip for outstanding guest care. Although there are no written rules on how tip management should be distributed among employees at a restaurant, there is common […]

  • Tips to Fight Inflation for Restaurants

    Living in a high inflationary environment worldwide, it’s important to be prepared as restaurant owners since inflation can be a disadvantage for restaurants. As the price of food keeps going up, it’s difficult for mainstream society to keep up with the cost of living. Due to rising food and fuel prices, the restaurant industry is […]

  • Does your Restaurant Need an HR? Let’s Find Out 

    Human resource is a critical function in any business. But the focus has been on corporations and startups. With the rise of the restaurant gig economy, HR needs to be looked at differently. We are now seeing more restaurants struggling with HR issues like hiring, managing employees, or keeping up with regulatory compliance. These restaurants […]

  • How Can Restaurants Use Dynamic Pricing?

    Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy that changes prices according to demand. It is an effective way for restaurants to maximize revenue. Dynamic pricing is a strategy that has been used by restaurants for years, but it has only recently started to become more popular in the digital world. Dynamic pricing allows establishments to adjust […]

  • How to automate back-of-house operations for restaurants?

    Automation of the back of a restaurant is the back-of-house operations that vary from supplier management to staff shifts. It’s a never-ending cycle that is best managed with an infinite amount of compassion and love for the industry. What your customers think is that the kitchen is where the Chefs prepare the food. The wait […]

  • The Future of Restaurant Payments is Here, and You’re Welcome to Join

    Restaurant payment trends, online and digital orders have been on the rise for a while now and restaurants are adapting to this by providing faster checkout methods. It is not just about the ordering process, but also about how customers pay for their consumption. Until not long ago, the most popular payment methods in the […]

  • A Guide to Online Order Management for Restaurants 

    Online Order Management is essential for every restaurant. The hospitality industry, including restaurants, isn’t immune to the inflow of digital solutions designed to make operations and eating experiences faster, more effective, and more simplified. Gone are the days of placing dinner orders over the phone with only a rough estimate of when your meal will […]

  • How to Streamline Restaurant Reservations?

    After a long pause, dining outside is making a bold comeback. Customers are always looking for the greatest service as they continue to visit restaurants. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that a successful restaurant relies on a solid reservation system. Restaurant operations can thrive with the correct protocols in place. Customers at most full-service […]

  • How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan

    Opening a restaurant is challenging, but no matter how thorny, one of the key steps in the road to success is to create and follow a business plan. And as you’re well aware, constructing a business plan from the bottom may be a lot more difficult than you’d anticipated.  Have no doubts, this guide will […]

  • Pro Tips for Restaurant Staff Motivation in an Age of High Turnover

    For restaurant and food business owners, the great resignation isn’t new. High staff turnover has always been a not-so-proud part of the industry. So much so, that people joke around about having to go back to their fast-food jobs if the stock market crashes.  The stats get even more depressing with staff turnover flirting with […]