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  • Food Photography Tips for Your Restaurant and Digital Menu

    Do you own a restaurant or plan to have one? Either way, showing your restaurant’s style at its best is crucial. The most important thing here is to showcase what you serve your guests and how you do it. Below, we gathered up a few things you may want to consider while planning your food […]

  • Social Media for Restaurants: A Guide for Beginners

    According to data compiled by Statista, there are 4.14 billion active internet users around the world, of which 3.96 billion regularly use social media. This is not only a number but also potential clients for many different industries. Especially for restaurants, social media has a great impact on the purchase behaviours of customers. The research […]

  • TikTok Guide for Restaurants — How to Take Advantage of TikTok for Your Business

    TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms used today for a number of reasons. The excellent algorithm is responsible for its success. Using an algorithm, videos personalised for your interest are displayed on your “For You Page”.  With a section of videos from users you follow and another section of videos […]

  • How do We Develop a Restaurant Management System?

    Managing a restaurant has become smarter after restaurant management systems were born. When there are systems in place, everything is easier for all. Containing a large number of components, the restaurant industry is extremely prone to human error and motivation and thus, restaurant management systems exist to streamline a complex set of tasks. What is […]

  • What will your day be like as a Restaurant Manager?

    There’s no hiding that managing a restaurant, small or big, is a job that entails endless tasks. A restaurant manager has to deal with everything from staff scheduling and customer service to food quality, menu, supplier management, profitability, and more. We will dive into more detail followed by suggestions about some smart tools used by […]

  • How can you be a good manager of a restaurant?

    Even though there is no specific path to becoming a restaurant manager, there are traits that make a manager stand out. A great restaurant manager has to have excellent communication skills, the ability to multitask, and the ability to work under pressure while keeping it together. It is also the person who oversees the financial […]

  • Restaurant Manager Job Description

    The restaurant manager is no doubt the most important aspect of any restaurant. They are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business flow. A tech-savvy manager may ensure that they have a good understanding of how technology can be used to improve business whereas a sociable manager’s strength may lie in managing the team […]

  • Running a Restaurant? See How You Can Level Up Your Marketing Game with These Restaurant Marketing Tips

    Marketing even the best, the most wonderful product can be challenging, as it has its own set of rules. The same is true for restaurants, including well-known Michelin star Chef owned venues. In order to create a marketing roadmap, you need to fully own and be proud of your product, staff, and concept. Therefore, you […]

  • Restaurant Revenue Management for Beginners

    Anyone who has worked in the service sector understands how difficult it is to manage a restaurant. The fact that there are so many places to choose from simply adds to the difficulty. What should you do if your restaurant isn’t generating enough money and you need a solution other than cost management to prevent […]

  • Essential Restaurant Menu Design Tips for 2022

    None of us deny that the use of no-touch digital menus presented on personal mobile devices has increased dramatically with social distancing. To be honest, some of us embraced them to a certain extent that having a printed restaurant menu can feel weird or not sage. And restaurant owners have anticipated a clean, easy-to-read digital […]