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  • Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants

    Saving energy is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. More and more businesses are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact. According to the National Restaurant Association, the average restaurant spends 4% to 6% of its total operating costs on energy. It is possible to reduce these expenses, which […]

  • The Rise of Takeout: How Restaurants Can Adopt Takeout Ordering

    It is everyone’s choice, from employees to university students, those who complain about lack of time and do not have time to cook or even go out to eat. Takeout adoption is increasing day by day and becoming more popular, which naturally allows restaurants to increase their turnover with takeaway services. In the first half […]

  • Inside Restaurant Digitalization’s: Q&A with OAKBERRY ACAI BOWL’S

    Today we chatted with Mohamed Abdulla, the Marketing Executive of OAKBERRY, to discuss how FineDine digitizes OAKBERRY’s menu operations. Which of FineDine products do you use at OAKBERRY? We offer Dine-In QR Menu and Tablet Menu at OAKBERRY. Before FineDine digital menus, how did you display your menu? Why did you change it? Before FineDine, […]

  • Inside Restaurant’s Digitalization: Sonyo

    Sonyo, a rustic Italian restaurant known for its authentic dishes and traditional recipes, needed a solution to manage its menu and orders efficiently. They found the perfect fit in FineDine’s versatile platform, which offers digital menus with pictures and QR code ordering. After researching and seeking referrals, Sonyo chose FineDine for its ease of use, […]

  • A Guide to Explaining Digital Ordering to Guests

    Restaurants must become more efficient than ever in order to maintain a seamless operation with a small staff because workers are hard to come by. Due to this, digital ordering has quickly replaced traditional ordering in 2023. It’s a simple method to do both—give people what they want and boost productivity. In fact, the most […]

  • Will Digital Menus Replace Transitional Menu Cards?


    Menus have been a staple of restaurants for many years. They’re a great way to communicate what the restaurant offers. They’re also an easy and visual way to attract your customers. Knowing what the dishes on a menu look like helps guests make a decision about what to order.  However, menus have certain shortcomings that […]

  • What should I Start on First as a Restaurant Operations Manager?

    So you just took up your first job as a restaurant operations manager, or are you a seasoned manager who wants to excel at their job while keeping up with a fast-paced industry? Then this content contains valuable information and insights for you, so read on. As we discuss the importance of all elements of […]

  • How to Prevent Restaurant Managers From Quitting

    One of the most demanding careers physically, mentally, and socially, managing a restaurant requires equal amounts of goodwill and hard work. For most owners, it takes years until they come across a manager that suits their style and needs. This is exactly the same for a restaurant manager; they too want the best match. If […]

  • Double Your Takeouts With Online Food Ordering Menu System

    Given how fast the world is evolving in terms of technology and adhering to the proverbial truth of “change is constant” – the online food ordering has been around in the restaurant business for some time now. It may surprise you to learn that, the first online food request was put in 1994! Wonder where the […]

  • What will make a new restaurant a great restaurant?

    How do we make a new restaurant a great one? These days, you can make any product or business work, through perception management and manipulation. Social media management and PR companies are going strong just to do that for their clients. Sometimes they create a problem and offer you their product as the solution, other […]