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  • What is Order & Pay at the Table?

    One of the recommended choices is to order and pay at the table. In a busy environment like a restaurant, owners put a lot of effort into coming up with ideas to shorten meal times. One of the technological breakthroughs in restaurants that are revolutionizing the dining experience is the “order & pay,” or tableside […]

  • What will make a new restaurant a great restaurant?

    How do we make a new restaurant a great one? These days, you can make any product or business work, through perception management and manipulation. Social media management and PR companies are going strong just to do that for their clients. Sometimes they create a problem and offer you their product as the solution, other […]

  • Restaurant Tip Management Made Easy—Here’s How

    Tip Management system is essential for the American culture of hospitality. In the United States, the waitstaff is motivated to offer exceptional customer service and would expect a good tip for outstanding guest care. Although there are no written rules on how tip management should be distributed among employees at a restaurant, there is common […]

  • Tips to Fight Inflation for Restaurants

    Living in a high inflationary environment worldwide, it’s important to be prepared as restaurant owners since inflation can be a disadvantage for restaurants. As the price of food keeps going up, it’s difficult for mainstream society to keep up with the cost of living. Due to rising food and fuel prices, the restaurant industry is […]

  • Tips to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurants

    Challenging ourselves and commercial restaurant kitchens with reduced food waste in restaurants has always been an important issue. Now it’s more important than ever in an age of sustainability. The food shortage experienced in recent months makes the matter stand out and more relevant. A recent study found that restaurants lose almost half a pound […]

  • How to Streamline Restaurant Reservations?

    After a long pause, dining outside is making a bold comeback. Customers are always looking for the greatest service as they continue to visit restaurants. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that a successful restaurant relies on a solid reservation system. Restaurant operations can thrive with the correct protocols in place. Customers at most full-service […]

  • How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan

    Opening a restaurant is challenging, but no matter how thorny, one of the key steps in the road to success is to create and follow a business plan. And as you’re well aware, constructing a business plan from the bottom may be a lot more difficult than you’d anticipated.  Have no doubts, this guide will […]

  • Pro Tips for Restaurant Staff Motivation in an Age of High Turnover

    For restaurant and food business owners, the great resignation isn’t new. High staff turnover has always been a not-so-proud part of the industry. So much so, that people joke around about having to go back to their fast-food jobs if the stock market crashes.  The stats get even more depressing with staff turnover flirting with […]

  • How to Master Restaurant Staff Scheduling?

    Restaurant staff scheduling can be a complicated task that requires an understanding of how each employee’s availability changes throughout the day and week. With so many variables, it can be difficult to find the perfect schedule that balances work and personal obligations. There are a lot of tools out there to help with restaurant staff […]

  • How to Recruit the Best Employees for Your Restaurant

    It is probably the dream of every restaurant owner to put together a team, inseparable from family. Restaurant employee management is one thing, but hiring the right employees who are the best fit for your particular business model, concept, and aura, comes first. It is the type of industry where staff turnover can be considerably […]